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WCI Secretariat requests assistance to enable WCI Financial Self-Sufficiency and a Strengthening WCI for Sustainable Development

The World Council on Isotopes (WCI) Secretariat makes every effort to find ways to secure its financial self-sufficiency while strengthening activities for sustainable development. As a part of its efforts, the WCI Secretariat invites members including its Special, Standing committee chairs and International Coordinators to provide valuable advisory services to explore ways for the WCI to thrive financially and expand its future activities. Accordingly, the invitees are requested to provide their advisory services in their respective fields as follows:


1) The Special and Standing Committee Chairs are cordially invited to provide advisory services to explore possible project (activity) proposals. The Chairs who are invited are:

o Bernard Ponsard : Industrial Applications Committee Chair

o Keon Woo Kang : Medical Applications Committee Chair

o Timothy Payne : Environmental Applications Committee Chair

o Carlo R. Chemaly : Information Exchange and Cooperation Committee Chair


2) Syed M. Qaim, Education and Training Committee Chair is invited to redesign the WCI-IAEA-KAERI e-learning curriculum on “Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals Application” to meet the international standard and to explore possible cooperation activities with the World Academy of Sciences, Italy (TWAS).


3) Meera Venkatesh, Publication Chair is invited to expand technical cooperation with the international non-governmental organizations, including the IAEA.


4) Ira N. Goldman, Long-Term Funding Chair is invited to secure the sustainable WCI funding. In addition, Myung Chul Lee, International Coordinator is also invited to find ways to secure sustainable WCI funding from the domestic members.


5) Nam Ho, International Coordinator is invited to explore procedures, documents and find an ideal model for an independent WCI Secretariat that may be established, based on the domestic law and regulations in the future.


6) Jong Kyung Kim, President of the WCI will prepare the WCI Bylaw revision draft that will be suitable for the independent body, for the WCI Secretariat.


7) And, Seung Dae Yang, former KAERI staff is invited to survey the domestic and international RI markets by using existing available information.


The advisory services will take place from May 1 to September 30, 2021 (for 5 months). The advisory service report will be available for the WCI Secretariat to determine the size of the budget on a yearly basis that will be requested from the government of the Republic of Korea, the sponsoring agency, to strengthen WCI’s activities. Also, this report will be used to guide the WCI Secretariat to the meaningful milestone of the ways to secure the WCI Financial self-sufficiency in the near future.


Whomever is interested in providing the advisory service to secure WCI sustainable funding and to improve the WCI activities, is welcome to contact Mr. Woo-Geun Song, the WCI Secretary General at his email: wgsong@ri.or.kr.