The World Council on Isotopes(WCI)

has the honor to announce that it would like to invite all WCI members to nominate any individual, organization or company that has directly and exceptionally contributed to advancing the WCI’s mission, objectives and activities, according to Article B7 of the WCI Bylaws.

The categories of the Awards are shown as follows;

1.The WCI President’s Award recognizes (1) outstanding contributions to the promotion of isotope technologies and the use of isotopes to benefit mankind, or (2) exceptional contributions to the activities of the Council through, for example, sharing and dissemination of relevant information, active cooperation in promoting the peaceful applications of isotope technologies, provision of technical/policy advice or training, and technology transfer. The number of the WCI President’s Award will be restricted to 6 Awards.

2. The ICI Chair’s Award recognizes exceptional contributions to the successful organization of the International Conference on Isotopes (ICI). The number of the ICI Chair’s Awards will be restricted to 2 Awards.

3. The WCI Founder’s award recognizes exceptional contributions to the WCI, including outstanding organizational or leadership roles, significant financial contributors, etc.