Message from the President

Nigel Stevenson Photo Nigel Stevenson

World Council on Isotopes

The World Council on Isotopes (WCI) has achieved a great deal since it was established.

The initially identified need was to improve interactions among the very diverse players by taking a leadinga role in the global isotope community. It was especially important to reach beyond traditional specialized disciplines and interest groups in order to improve understanding of each other’s priorities and realities. The diversity of this field presents a challenge in that it spans commercial entities, public bodies, government decision makers, research, production, transport, distribution, safety and security, and the use of isotopes.

The WCI has a fast-growing membership, representing a broad range of interests and perspectives. More than that, the truly international diversity of membership, as further expressed in the worldwide locations and attendees at the International Conferences on Isotopes, demonstrates the validity of the “W” in WCI.

The organization aims to facilitate interactions and exchange of information among all role-players in the global isotope community, specifically those that would not normally come into contact within the usual activities of the R&D, business, industrial and governmental sectors. As a primary aim, WCI continues to support initiatives to train and assist groups that are in need or are in the early stages of setting up their isotope technology systems.

Visitors to this website are encouraged to provide feedback, suggestions for improvements as well as proposals on matters to be considered by the WCI for inclusion in its activities.

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