Message from the President

Jong Kyung KIM Jong Kyung KIM

World Council on Isotopes

Dear WCI members,

The WCI was officially launched in 2008 as a powerful international centripetal role to enable WCI members to share information among themselves more easily. As is known, the ICI, organized by the WCI, is the only conference on the peaceful use of isotopes (stable and radioactive) in the world. Since its launch, the WCI’s Secretariat has regularly distributed newsletters (www.wci-ici.org) and provided much information on the WCI website. More importantly, the WCI serves as a community that brings together experts, engaging in isotope-related fields around the world. Its function as a community will continue to be enhanced. The growth of the WCI requires continued considerable efforts from people in its different capacities.

First, it requires the successful holding of the ICI conferences. The next ICI will be held in Saskatoon, Canada, and I hope that we will devote all our efforts to making it successful with the quantitative growth in the number of participants and the qualitative growth of submitted presentation materials. To increase the number of participants at the ICI, it is essential for both the 11ICI team and the WCI to start preparing various isotope-related science and technology programs, including on the utilization of stable radioisotopes. It is also important to publish valuable information and data presented at the ICIs. In this regard, the designation of and cooperation with the publication mediums are essential for the stable publication of such useful information and data in the future.

Second, we need to make great efforts to provide up-to-date and fresh news and information for WCI members and the isotopes communities around the world. It requires continuous feedback on new information in all the Special Committees (i.e., Environmental Applications, Industrial Applications, Medical Applications, and Information Exchange and Cooperation) and the efforts of the Secretariat.

Lastly, we need to make more efforts to secure funds for the stable operation of the WCI in the long term. The funds of the WCI may be raised by income from the International Conference on Isotopes (ICI), annual membership fees, donations, industry or government support, sponsorship, advertisements, etc. Thus, we welcome any kinds of funds from the members and welcome more new membership to share the knowledge and experiences to promote the peaceful production and use of the radioisotopes for all human wellbeing. Annual membership fees for individual and organizational members are now exempted by the WCI Bylaw.

In addition, the WCI will continue to provide technical advisory and training programs for developing countries in collaboration with the IAEA.

I trust that we will all work together for the new and continuous growth of the WCI.

Thank you.

Jong Kyung KIM