Message from the President

Paul T. Dickman Paul T. Dickman

World Council on Isotopes

Dear WCI Members,

I am honored and excited to assume my role as the President of the World Council on Isotopes. I am committed to expanding the WCI's communications efforts and platforms and increase global awareness of the critical role isotopes play in modern society.

I am fortunate to have worked with my predecessors including my friend Chang Sun Kang who was the first WCI President. I hope to build upon the leadership of Myung Chul Lee, Van Zyl de Villers, Nigel Stevenson, and Jong Kyung Kim. I am very pleased that I will be joined on this journey by my colleague, Bernard Ponsard, the WCI President-elect.

The story WCI members can tell is important: Isotopes have become indispensable tools in modern society and industry from cutting-edge medical diagnostics and treatments to ensuring the safety of vital infrastructure. Yet, despite their far-reaching significance, the public's awareness of the benefits of isotopes remains limited.

My mission as President of the WCI is to expand that narrative and shed light on the remarkable ways in which isotopes drive innovation and enhance human well-being. From pioneering cancer treatments that target malignant cells with precision and minimizing harm to healthy tissues, to radiography essential to guaranteeing the integrity of bridges, tunnels, aircraft, and power plants. Isotopes contribute to a safer and more resilient environment and improve the lives of billions every day.

We need to expand our communication efforts to raise global awareness about the transformative power of isotopes. WCI is positioned expand its engagement with audiences worldwide, from policymakers and industry leaders to students and the public. Through strategic collaborations, educational campaigns, and dynamic platforms, we will highlight the extraordinary applications of isotopes and inspire a new generation of innovators.

Expanding our communication efforts is crucial to ensure that the transformative power of isotopes is widely recognized on a global scale. At WCI, we recognize the significance of engaging diverse audiences, from influential policymakers and industry leaders to students and the general public. Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap and foster a deeper understanding of the numerous applications of isotopes that extend far beyond the scientific realm.

Our success relies heavily on your support and active participation. WCI is not just an organization; it is a collective effort of its members who share a common vision for advancing human progress through the transformative potential of isotopes. By working together, we can elevate the awareness and importance of isotopes for the benefit of all.

I look forward to working with the WCI Secretariat and my colleagues on the Executive Committee and to our members worldwide in advancing our common goal of promoting safe and environmentally sound isotope technologies for global wellbeing.

Thank you,
Paul T. Dickman