Rev. 1 (24/08/2014)


THE WORLD COUNCIL ON ISOTOPES (WCI) is the successor organization to the International Monitoring and Steering Committee of the International Conference on Isotope (ICI) to ensure the continuity of triennial ICI, and to periodically monitor the progress of ICI, and to steer ICI to the right track. It is founded in September 2008 by its Charter Members: The Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society, Advanced Radiation Technology Institute of Korea, Korea Radioisotope Association, South African Nuclear Energy Corporation, etc. All of the aforementioned organizations comprise the World Council on Isotopes on September 30, 2008. The basic purpose and governance of the WCI are set forth below.

  1. The name of the organization shall be the WORLD COUNCIL ON ISOTOPES, hereinafter referred to as “WCI.”
  2. The Secretariat of the WCI shall be located at the Korean Association for Radiation Application.
  3. The purpose of WCI are to:
    1. (a) Promote safe and environmentally sound isotope technologies to serve the needs for global wellbeing.
    2. (b) Promote the sharing of the peaceful uses of isotope technologies among members.
    3. (c) Cooperate actively with other regional and international organizations in the sharing of the peaceful applications of isotope technologies.
    4. (d) Provide appropriate policies and procedures for the conduct of approved activities.
    5. (e) Develop appropriate policies and procedures for the conduct of approved activities.
    6. (f) Sanction periodic International Conference on Isotopes that are normally held in Council member country every two to three years.
    7. (g) Conduct studies on topics and issues of importance to the members, by specific workshops and working groups; take action within the authority of the Council to publicize, promote and implement results of the studies.
    8. (h) Identify isotope-related topics of interest warranting consideration by the WCI members. Topics to be pursued will reflect the particular interests and concerns of the WCI members.
  4. This Charter may be amended from time to time. Amendments shall be approved by a vote of two-thirds of the member organizations in favor.
  5. The WCI shall have an Executive Committee, Vice President, President and such other officers, as the Council shall decide.

Footnotes: (i) First adapted by the Council, September 30, 2008
Second version adopted by the Council, August 24, 2014