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43 Call for Nominations for the 2022 WCI President and ICI Chair’s Awards 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2021/10/18 31
42 First IAEA Webinar on Careers for Women in RadiopharmaceuticalSciences WCI Secretariat 2021/08/13 277
41 11th International Conference on Isotopes (11ICI) call for abstracts WCI Secretariat 2021/07/29 391
40 KAERI-WCI-IAEA e-Learning Course on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2021/07/23 347
39 Call for Bids to host the 12th ICI 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2021/07/05 373
38 WCI Secretariat requests assistance to enable WCI Financial Self-Sufficiency and a Strengthening WCI for Sustainable Development WCI Secretariat 2021/05/04 679
37 IAEA Network of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2021/04/16 524
36 WCI Members’ Profiles and Isotope Technologies for Technology Transfer among the WCI Members Enabling the Sharing of Information for the Peaceful Uses of Isotope Technologies 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2021/04/09 553
35 Call for Articles (My Biz on Isotopes) Chanho Park 2020/11/20 1058
34 Call for Articles for WCI Newsletter WCI Secretariat 2020/11/20 1050
33 A Survey to Publish the “World Radioisotope Business Directory” for Technology Transfers among the WCI Members 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2020/10/23 1156
32 KAERI-WCI-IAEA e-Learning Course on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharceuticals Application from 30 November to 18 December 2020 (3weeks) 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2020/08/04 1557
31 KOICA-KAERI-WCI-IAEA Joint Training Course on Establishment of Long-Term Management Plan by Strengthening Capacity for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceutical Application from 2 to 13 November 2020 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2020/08/04 1579
30 [IAEA] Exhibiting at the Second International Conference on ApplicationsofRadiation Science and Technology (ICARST-2021) WCI Secretariat 2020/06/02 1572
29 IAEA webinar on COVID-19 Pandemic: Radiation Sterilization on PPE 첨부파일 WCI Secretariat 2020/05/18 1682
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