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IAEA Network of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences
Dear WCI's members, 

The WCI wishes to share the following message from the IAEA with our members. 
If you are interested in the IAEA's event, please fill out the attached membership form and send it back to IAEA at WRSNETWORK.Contact-Point@iaea.org by Friday, 23 April. 

Best regards,

WCI's Secretariat


Dear Colleagues,


The IAEA is cordially inviting you to join the recently launched IAEA Network of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (NWRS).  NWRS is a professional network aiming at supporting and empowering women in radiopharmaceutical sciences.


Established in 2019 as an interest group under the umbrella of Women in Nuclear Global,  the network aims at increasing the representation of female scientists and managers, especially in higher professional roles and decision-making positions, in the multidisciplinary field of radiopharmaceutical sciences.


To join the group and for more information on NWRS, please visit our website Network of Women in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences | IAEA.


Our first virtual networking event will take place on Wednesday, 28 April, 14:00 CET. Only members of the group can join the event. Please fill out the attached membership form and send it back to us at WRSNETWORK.Contact-Point@iaea.org by Friday, 23 April, and the IAEA will send you an invitation for the event.


Kind regards,


Ms Aleksandra PEEVA | Associate Communication Officer | 

Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences| Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications |

International Atomic Energy Agency | Vienna International Centre, PO Box 100, 1400 Vienna, Austria |

Email: a.peeva@iaea.org | T: (+43-1) 2600-24577