The WCI President's Award (2020) - 10ICI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Nigel R. Stevenson:

Dr. Nigel Stevenson, the 4th President of WCI, received recognition for his contributions to WCI by receiving the WCI President’s Award from the newly appointed President, Prof. Jong Kyung Kim at 10ICI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Stevenson had been nominated by Dr. Myung Chul Lee (2nd President) for several achievements including:
-Presentations at the 10th WCI anniversary and the KARA's promotion forum on radiation and radioisotopes in Pusan, Korea
-Launching the President’s Sub-Committee members comprised of Immediate Past President and
-President-Elect in the WCI organization
-Initiating the Long-Term Funding Committee and Program
-Overseeing the WCI sponsorship and advertisements program
-Representing WCI at several meetings, etc.

Carlo R. Chemaly:

Mr. Chemaly’s exceptional contributions to the activities of the Council started at 5ICI. His closing speech invited the isotopes community to create a society to oversee the organisation of the ICI series and, more importantly, to pool efforts to promote isotope technologies. As Chairman of the 5ICI organising committee, he was de facto a Founding Member of the WCI and was a member of the committee drafting the Charter and by-laws. As Chair of the Publication Committee, he ensured the quality of the WCI Newsletters and Annual Reports. His contribution was also instrumental to WCI’s successful application, being recognised by the IAEA. In the highly scientific field of isotopes, his atypical profile makes his contribution all the more outstanding.

Nam Ho:

Mr. Nam Ho was recognized for his contributions to the WCI by Prof. Jong Kyung Kim, the newly appointed President at 10ICI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His recognitions include:
-Contributing to increasing WCI membership for organizations (103) and individuals (156), as of December 2015.
-Contributing to the provisions of a legal framework between the IAEA and the WCI to initiate the technical cooperation program; WCI to make a Practical Arrangement with the IAEA in January 2016.
-Contributing to the successful implementation of the WCI activities from January 2011 to January 2016, as the WCI International
Coordinator, and the WCI Secretary-General, involving upgrading the WCI homepage, the training program for the “Technical Management and Operation System,” monthly WCI newsletter releases, etc.


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