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Bruce Power, Cameco join Nuclear Innovation Effort

Bruce Power and Cameco yesterday announced the launch of a center for next generation nuclear technologies as one of a series of initiatives to leverage their existing partnership to help rebuild the Canadian economy post-COVID, protect the environment and fight disease.


The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) Centre for Next Generation Technologies will work to identify post-COVID economic, environmental and healthcare opportunities. Bruce and Cameco are founding members of the NII, an Ontario-based not-for-profit organization set up in 2018 as a platform for accelerating innovation in the Canadian nuclear industry.


The companies will also expand their role in medical isotope production. Cameco will use its facility in Cobourg, Ontario - location of it fuel manufacturing operations - to contribute to the development of a new isotope production system being developed by Bruce's partner Isogen to help produce lutetium-177


In a separate announcement yesterday Isogen, a joint venture of Framatome and Kinectrics, said it is completing the final phase of engineering, testing and design for a mock-up of the system. Bruce Power aims to begin harvesting the isotope, which is used to treat prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors, in 2022.


Cameco is also a key supplier of materials in the production of cobalt-60, which is produced by Bruce in partnership with Ottawa-based Nordion and is used to sterilize medical equipment as well as in cancer treatment.


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Source: WNN