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Announcement of Appointment of the WCI Organization's members on February 17, 2020

Announcement of Appointment for WCI Organization’s Members


Dr. Jong Kyung Kim, WCI President, appointed the new members of WCI’s Executive Committee, International Coordinators, Long-Term Funding Committee, and Secretary-General effective February 17, 2020 as follows: 


Executive Committee


President’s Committee:

Jong Kyung Kim (President)

Paul Dickman (President-Elect)

Nigel Stevenson (Immediate Past President)


Special Committees:

Bernard Ponsard (Chair, Industrial Applications)

Keon Wook Kang (Chair, Medical Applications)

Timothy Payne (Chair, Environmental Applications)

Carlo R. Chemaly (Chair, Information Exchange and Cooperation)


Standing Committees:

Syed M. Qaim (Chair, Education and Training)

Meera Venkatesh (Chair, Publication)

Paul Dickman (Chair, ICI Coordination)


Long-Term Funding Committee: Ira N. Goldman


Members at Large:

Henri Bonet

Ilham Al-Qaradawi

Zulkifli Mohamed Hashim

              Jin Du


International Coordinators

Myung Chul Lee

Van Zyl de Villiers

Nam Ho

Natesan Ramamoorthy

Don Robertson


Woo-Geun Song (Director/ Secretary-General)