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[12ICI] WCI selected Firenze, Italy as the venue for 12ICI

INFN (National Institutefor Nuclear Physics), Italy and CIRA (China Isotope and Radiation Association) China competed to host the 12ICI. After the discussion and evaluation procedure by WCI Executive Committee Members, WCI finally made a decision to hold the next Conference in Firenze, Italy in February 2026.

Representing the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and the University of Milano, the bidding party of Italy, Prof. Flavia Groppi in her welcoming presentation at the closing ceremony of the Conference, highlighted Italy’s recent scientific progress in radioisotopes and easy access to the venue from all around the world and cultural richness of Firenze.  

You will find updated news and details about 12ICI in the coming WCI newsletters and the WCI website, www.wci-ici.org. Specified website for 12ICI will open soon as well.