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Thank you for your interest in WCI Membership. WCI welcomes members from across the globe.
The membership is free. Join the WCI community today and enjoy the benefits of membership.

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  • Representation

    Through consultation and discussion with its members, WCI has knowledge of the industry allowing it to
    carry out an efficient representation role.
  • Specialized Information:

    The various expert committees of WCI work on a wide range of topics relevant to the radioisotope industry. These committees provide members with regular updates and advice on key industry information, market developments and relevant legislation.
  • Newsletter

    In addition to the website, WCI members receive key information via the WCI monthly newsletter. View previous

    WCI Newsletters

  • Networking

    WCI provides a platform where members benefit from unrivalled networking opportunities within the industry. Also, WCI develops and maintains close relationships with other industry associations allowing members to connect with a wide array industry leaders and key stakeholders
  • Promotion

    WCI’s communication tools, eg members’ sections of the newsletter and website, provide an opportunity for members to raise their organization’s profile.
  • Discounts

    Members also enjoy reduced registration rates for the ICI and some specific events. Learn about.




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