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The 8th WCI Executive Committee Meeting took place in Doha, Qatar 17-11-12


The WCI Executive Board met on November 12, 2017 in Doha, Qatar during the 9th International Conference on Isotopes. This meeting is held when required to coordinate the activities of the Council as a whole, discuss plans for the year ahead and review the progress of the current activities.
The main agenda of the meeting were as follows:
• Update on activities since the last meeting
• Approval of New members
• Approval of 10ICI Venue Selection
• Approval of WCI President’s & ICI Chair’s Awardees
• Possible surplus from 9ICI and other financial issues
• Turn-over ceremony
The President, Dr. Van Zyl de Villiers reported on the activities and accomplishments of the WCI during the last three years and Professor Ilham Al Qardawi, Chair of the 9ICI, presented a report on the 9ICI preparation and expectations.
Prof. Al Qardawi also expressed her sincere gratitude to Paul Dickman, Rolf Zeisler, Van Zyl de Villiers, and Nigel Stevenson for their dedication and contributions to organizing 9ICI.
As for the new members, 16 new individual members and 2 new organizational members were approved.
The Malaysian Nuclear Agency got finally approved as the 10th ICI organizer. The next ICI meeting is expected to be held on February 3-7, 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
During the meeting the awardees of WCI President’s and ICI Chair’s awards were approved.
Dr. Van Zyl de Villiers and Mr. Woo-Geun Song, Director of WCI Secretariat gave a brief report on WCI’s finances during the period from January 2015 to November 2017.
Dr. Van Zyl de Villiers conveyed his appreciation to KARA and the government of Korea for the in-kind contributions and the grants.
The meeting concluded with a formal ceremony for the signature of the Handover Protocol, with the participation of Van Zyl de Villiers, outgoing President of the WCI, and Nigel Stevenson, incoming President.
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