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The 5th Executive Committee Meeting and the 7th General Meeting took p… 16-11-09


The 5th Executive Committee Meeting and the 7th General Meeting took place on Tuesday,
September 27, 2016, in Meeting Room A2076, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria.
The meeting began with a brief report on the WCI’s work over the past 18 months and on the WCI’s finances. Several major activities were highlighted, which included the IAEA-WCI Training Program, 9ICI preparations, establishment of an information system, and the newsletter.

During the meeting, several proposed changes (and small editorial changes) to the WCI Bylaws were discussed, which includes the followings :
 Article B3 - “Activities of the Council” was newly added.
 Article B4 - B4.1, B4.2 and B4.3 were combined and/or simplified, the procedure for
membership approval was clarified and permanent membership was expanded to all
membership categories.
 Article B5 - A section on committees was inserted in B5.1.
Article B6 - “Duties of International Coordinators” was newly added.
 Article B7 - B7.1 was modified and items related to the expenditures and surplus of the ICI
were added.
There was also a thorough discussion on the planning for 9ICI. Dr. Ilham Al-Qaradawi, the General Chair of the 9ICI, delivered a presentation on the progress of 9ICI preparation.

In terms of membership, a total of 21 new organization members and 5 individual members were reported and approved.
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