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IAEA-WCI Meeting held in September, Vienna 16-11-09


The WCI held a meeting to discuss the progress of the IAEA-WCI training program with the IAEA on September 29, 2016. The IAEA-WCI Training Program on the Cyclotron-based Production of Radioisotopes is organized by IAEA and WCI, which will take place for the period Nov 14-25, 2016 in Korea. For continuation of the training program, WCI and IAEA agreed to seek for other financial resources such as IAEA TC Fund.

As another activity to implement the Practical Arrangements signed early this year, WCI and IAEA
have been cooperating in the sharing and dissemination of information. In this regard the IAEA has contributed several very informative and interesting articles for the WCI monthly newsletter. The meeting was concluded with an expression of commitment by both IAEA and WCI to continue cooperation in provision of information to promote the radiation and radioisotope technologies.
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