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2015 WCI Training Course on Cyclotron(2) 16-06-02


WCI Cyclotron Training Course Took Place during Nov.30-Dec.11

The WCI Short-term Training Course on Technical Management and Operation System of Cyclotrons was held from November 30 to December 11, 2015 in Suwon, Korea. The program was funded and hosted by WCI in collaboration with the Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU).
The overall objective of the course was to build the capacity for professionals in the field of cyclotron including scientists, engineers, and governmental officials from nations with strong need of training.

The objective was achieved through lectures, practical demonstrations, laboratory exercises, and field excursions.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Nam Ho, International Coordinator of the WCI, who welcomed the participants and wished them a pleasant stay in Korea.

During the 2 week-long training program, 11 lectures were delivered by experts (professors, researchers and engineers). Prof. Jong-Seo Chai, and Prof. Mitra Ghergherehchi of SKKU acted as Lead and co-facilitator in the training course.

The lectures covered on the following topics.
1. Basic Cyclotron Principle
2. Magnet System
3. Beam Physics
4. Ion Source
5. Cyclotron RF
6. Shielding
7. Cyclotron Electronics
8. Nuclear Physics
9. RI Target
10. Heat Transfer
11. RI Chemistry

The training course also included practical sessions where the participants could gain experiences in various areas including the method of using Tosca, RF Cavity, Measurement of Magnetic field, and Ion Source. ​

The facility tour to T.H Elema Company and Bundang Seoul National University Hospital was conducted on Dec 7. The participants were presented the assembling process of cyclotrons and the use of cyclotron in a hospital setting.

On Dec 9 and 10, participants were also taken on a trip to KAERI ARTI and KIRAMS where they were shown around the Institutes’ main research facilities with a focus on the ones that specifically related to cyclotrons.

On the last day of the training program, participants delivered a presentation on the current status of RI production and use in their country. They shared issues and future plans on radioisotope production.
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