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WCI Meeting to prepare for the 9ICI 16-03-16


The WCI meeting took place in Vienna on September 16. The meeting’s main agenda was to prepare for the 9th International Conference on Isotopes (9ICI) which is to be held in Qatar, October 2017. The meeting was attended by President, Van Zyl de Villiers, Catherine Hughes (ANSTO), Paul Dickman (Argonne Lab.), Juan Carlos Furnari (CNEA), Ilham Al-Qaradawi (Qatar Univ.), Henri Bonet, Reyad Kamel (Healvita Nuclear), Nam Ho and Amy Lee (WCI).
The conference is aimed to bring together individuals who are involved in all aspects of isotope applications including industry, environment, or research surrounding applications of radioisotopes.

At the end of the meeting, the president of WCI, Van Zyl de Villiers handed over WCI membership certificates for the American Nuclear Society, Qatar Physics Society, Healvita Nuclear and ANSTO , respectively received by Paul Dickman, Ilham Al-Qaradawi, Reyad Kamel and Catherine Hughes.

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