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Title New President of the World Council on Isotopes

The World Council on Isotopes is pleased to announce the new president, Dr. Nigel Stevenson. He was appointed to the position at the Executive Committee meeting on November 12, 2017.


Dr. Stevenson brings with him an impressive background in isotope production. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University Of London, UK in 1983 in Nuclear Physics. Subsequently he worked as a research scientist at TRIUMF, the Canadian national accelerator facility in Vancouver. Starting in 1990 he headed up the Isotope Production and Applied Technology group at TRIUMF responsible for the production of a wide variety of radioactive medical isotopes in addition to specialized isotope production technology. In 1999 he became the V.P. of Isotope Production and Research for Theragenics Corporation in Atlanta, GA, USA. In this role he was responsible for installing and operating the world’s largest cyclotron facility (14 machines) used to produce radiochemicals for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He also had technical oversight of a large scale stable isotope separation facility in Oak Ridge, TN, USA. In 2006 he was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Trace Life Sciences located near Dallas, TX, USA which produced radiochemicals and radiopharmaceuticals. From 2007-2014, Dr. Stevenson was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Clear Vascular, Inc. (New York, USA) a company involved in the production and evaluation of radiotracers for vascular imaging and therapy. Dr. Stevenson was also the Chief Science Advisor for Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation in Kennewick, WA, USA, a company which manufactured and distributed FDG. In 2010 Dr. Stevenson formed TcNet, LLC and as the CEO successfully develop a commercial cyclotron production method to make technetium-99m (and other radioisotopes) using PET-style liquid targets and chemistry systems. From 2010-2013, he was the Chief Scientific Officer for Serene Oncology, LLC which explored various radiotherapy methods in oncology. Since 2015, Dr. Stevenson has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Serene, LLC a company that is exploring the treatment of veterinary and human rheumatological conditions with radioactive products. Dr. Stevenson has organized several isotope conferences and conference sessions over the years including the 3rd International Conference on Isotopes held in Vancouver in September 1999 where he served as the Conference Chairperson. He has also had various roles in the International Isotope Society including that of the President of the Canadian Chapter. 

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