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Title IAEA-WCI-KAERI Training Program on Radiopharmaceuticals

                                        International Atomic Energy Agency

Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications


IAEA-WCI-KAERI Training Course on

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals Application




Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals Application

Host Institutes:

World Council on Isotopes (WCI)

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)


10 (Monday) – 20 (Thursday) July 2017

Deadline for Nominations:

12 June 2017


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in cooperation with the World Council on Isotopes (WCI) and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

Host Country Organizer:

Mr. Woo-Geun SONG



World Council on Isotopes (WCI)

Tel: +82-2-3490-7150


Mr. Hyeon-Jin KIM

Senior Researcher

Nuclear Training & Education Center

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

Tel: +82-42-868-2667





The objective of this training course is to strengthen the transfer of crucial knowledge and practical skills to technical professionals in the radiopharmaceutical field, so they can build the leadership skills needed to manage radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in their home countries.

Scope and Nature:

The course will take place over two weeks, providing lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and scientific visits. The program will cover the following.

    Lectures and discussions

-          Module 1: Radiochemistry

-          Module 2: Radioisotopes

-          Module 3: Radiopharmaceuticals

    Practical exercises and scientific visits

-          Module 1: Reactor and cyclotron facilities

-          Module 2: Radiopharmaceutical production facilities that obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accreditations for therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals

-          Module 3: Hospitals that are involved in radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical use for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Participants’ Qualifications and Experience:

Participants should be qualified or experienced in the following.

    Proficient in English with good listening comprehension and communication skills in order to actively participate in the training course without difficulty.

    Staff at R&D or medical institutions in the radiochemistry or radiopharmaceutical field. However, medical technologists who operate radiological instruments are excluded.

    Possess at least a scientific or technical bachelor’s degree.


Priority will be given to the following participants.

    Those in charge of producing, manufacturing, and quality management of radiopharmaceuticals from radiopharmaceutical manufacturers.

    Those working in the field of radiolabeling and quality control in R&D institutions or hospitals.

    Those possessing scientific or technical degrees higher than a bachelor’s degree in the radiochemistry or radiopharmaceutical field.

    Those in charge of approval or authorisation in the radiopharmaceutical field.

    Those conducting tasks for fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) production.

Application Procedure:

Applications should be submitted to the secretariat of the World Council on Isotopes. Nominations should include the applicant’s name; birth date and place; nationality; education and experience; occupation and employer's address; and passport number and expiration date. They must be received by the World Council on Isotopes ( no later than 12 June 2017. A selection committee will evaluate the applications, and applicants will be notified of its decision by email.

Administrative and Financial Arrangements:

The World Council on Isotopes will give a limited number of grants to non-local participants from developing countries. Selected participants will be provided with round-trip economy class airfare from their home countries to Seoul, Korea, and a stipend covering the cost of their accommodation, food, and minor incidentals. The organizers of the course do not accept liability for the payment of any cost or compensation that may arise from damage to or loss of personal property or from illness, injury, disability, or death of a participant while he/she is travelling to and from or attending the course, and it is clearly understood that each organization, in nominating participants, undertakes responsibility for such coverage. Organizations are well advised to take out insurance against these risks. A copy of the insurance policy will be requested for the issuance of the visa.


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