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Title [WCI Monthly Newsletter] My Biz on Isotopes

My Biz on Isotopes

WCI Monthly Newsletter


Call for Articles

As the WCI monthly newsletter is the most important communication channel for the dissemination of information to members and other interested parties, we would like to add a new section “My Biz on Isotopes” to our newsletter. This new section will be dealing with business opportunities in the field of isotope related technologies.


1. Purpose

The purpose of this section is to foster communication among members and to provide members with opportunities to raise their organizations’ profile.

2. Requirements

The article provider should be member of the WCI. (To join us please visit and sign up online/No Membership Fees required). The writer should be a professional who works in the field of radiation and isotope production and applications.

3. Contents

Your article can include topics that show the cross-cutting and interdisciplinary technologies of your organization. Topics and areas of contents can include but are not limited to:


  1. Short introduction of your organization (Status, Business area, location)

  2. Advantages/Strength of your technology

  3. Future plan of your organization

  4. Others (eg. interest in collaboration with other countries such as joint research, joint investment, technology transfer, & etc.)


    4. Format

  5. Images can be included.

  6. All articles should be written in English.

  7. Each submission will be reviewed by the publication chair

  8. Spelling, grammar and length will be edited and fonts, and formatting will be done by an editor.

  9. The length of article should be 2-5pages (A4, Verdana with 10 font size).


All submissions meeting the above requirements should be submitted to


5. Deadline

The article should be submitted to the WCI Secretariat via email by the 10thof every month.

6. Others

The WCI Publication Committee Chair will evaluate your article, and decide whether to include in our newsletter. The article can be edited according to our own format. WCI Secretariat will not pay for the article fees.




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[WCI Monthly Newsletter] Call for Articles


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