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Title Radiation Technology Utilized to Preserve Cultural Artifacts

Radiation Technology Utilized to Preserve Cultural Artifacts

According to the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, the Korean Society of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage has decided to expand the use of the institute’s radiation technology to analyze and better protect traditional cultural assets.


There is an array of radiation technology that could be utilized for this purpose.


Neutron Activation Analysis determines the concentration of elements within a vast amount of minerals, which can be very useful for tracking the origin and chronology of excavated artifacts. In addition, neutrons can be used to look beyond the artifact’s surface by making use of their penetrating power.


Meanwhile, Mossbauer spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique that makes use of the Mossbauer effect, which allows scientists to obtain information on chemical shifts, electrovalence and hyperfine magnetic field.


This technique can help scientists to analyze the soil and glaze of ceramic objects in order to recreate them. Other radiation technology can help control insects and mold on wooden artifacts.



To read more please visit: http://koreabizwire.com/radiation-technology-utilized-to-preserve-cultural-artifacts/123407


Source: The Korea Bizwire

Date 2018-09-10 Hit 547


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