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Title Indonesia Develops Radiopharmaceutical for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis o…

Indonesia Develops Radiopharmaceutical for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis outside the Lungs

Brought under control in much of the developed world, tuberculosis, or TB, remains one of the leading causes of death in many developing countries. In Indonesia, where over 360,000 cases are discovered each year, and another 600,000 cases are estimated as unreported, detection of a form of tuberculosis that affects organs other than the lung will soon become easier – thanks to a new radiopharmaceutical developed by the country’s National Nuclear Agency (BATAN), with support from the IAEA.


BATAN is the only domestic manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals in Indonesia, though its market share cannot be estimated due to the lack of industry-wide data, said Wida Rahayu, a project manager at Kimia Farma, the majority state-owned company that commercializes the radiopharmaceuticals produced at BATAN. These include compounds used for the diagnosis of various types of cancers and heart conditions as well as painkillers for terminally ill cancer patients, representing an alternative to morpheme. Several other compounds for use in cancer treatment are currently under licensing and registration. For the time being, these products are available only in Jakarta and Central Java, so scaling up production to be able to supply the rest of the vast country is planned, she said.


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Source: IAEA 

Date 2018-09-10 Hit 512


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