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Title Brazilian Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Shows Progress

Brazilian Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Shows Progress

The Brazilian Nuclear Program took a step forward in its quest for nuclear technology capacity and autonomy, and the construction of the Brazilian Navy’s (MB, in Portuguese) first nuclear-powered submarine with a cornerstone ceremony of the Brazilian Multipurpose Reactor (RMB, in Portuguese), in June 2018. The event kicked off the turbogenerator integration tests of the Electronuclear Energy Generation Laboratory (LABGENE, in Portuguese).




The construction of RMB marks a strategic move for Brazil, which has the fifth largest reserve of uranium in the world. The project consists of a multipurpose research nuclear reactor and an entire infrastructure with laboratories and facilities to respond to the country’s demand for increased radioisotope production for nuclear medicine.




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Source: Diálogo Americas 

Date 2018-09-10 Hit 521


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