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Title Prime Minister meets with International Advisory Group for Jordan Nucl…

Prime Minister meets with International Advisory Group for Jordan Nuclear Program


Prime Minister Omar Razzaz met members of the International Advisory Group for the Jordanian Nuclear Program in the presence of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hala Zawati and Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission Khaled Toukan.


The group, set up by the Council of Ministers in 2015, comprises a number of energy experts and nuclear scientists from around the world, who meet on an annual basis to prepare a report on progress made in the various aspects Jordan's peaceful nuclear program, such as uranium exploration, the nuclear research reactor and the nuclear power plant.


The meeting underlined the importance of expanding the scientific base for the use of the nuclear research reactor and synchrotron accelerator in an integrated manner to conduct advanced scientific research in the fields of physics, chemistry, health sciences, archeology and geology.


Talks during the meeting focused on the need for Jordan to concentrate in the short term on small compact nuclear reactors due to their nuclear safety characteristics and because they use less water for cooling purposes.


The financial cost of investing in these types of stations is relatively small compared with the financial investment in large reactors that could be built in the future if the electricity grid in Jordan expands.


At the end of the meeting, it was emphasized that Jordan is able to build 3rd and 4th generation nuclear reactors with advanced design and security, in addition to hybrid stations.


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Source: Jordan News Agency 

Date 2018-08-02 Hit 794


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