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Individual Members 목록

Total 149건 6 페이지
Individual Members 목록
No Country Name Affilation
101 Malaysia Mohd Borhanuddin Md Hassan National Cancer Institute Malaysia
102 Cuba René Leyva-Montaña Center of Isotopes (CENTIS)
103 Hungary Károly Brezovcsik Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
104 Colombia Marco Antonio Guarin Intituto Nacional de Cancerologia (National Cancer Institute of Colombia)
105 Republic of Macedonia Zlatko Filipovski University Institute for Positron Emission Tomography
106 Indonesia Daya Agung Sarwono Center for Radioisotope and Radiopharmaceutical Technology, National Nuclear Energy Agency
107 Vietnam Nguyen Thi Khanh Giang Nuclear Research Institute, Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute
108 Chile Roberto Mercado Nuclear Energy Chilean Commission
109 Iran Kayvan Sadri Nuclear Medicine Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
110 Malaysia Siti Mohd Janib Malaysian Nuclear Agency
111 Cuba Magdiel Gongora Bravo Center of Isotopes (CENTIS)
112 USA Tamas Palfi Radchem Co. Ltd.
113 Japan Ichiro Nishinaka National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
114 Canada Kennedy Mangera Canadian Isotope Innovations
115 USA Gamal Akabani Texas A&M University
116 Qatar Ruth M. Oliveria Primary Health Care Corporation
117 Qatar Roberto Tudra Primary Health Care Corporation
118 Qatar Dexter Manansala Primary Health Care Corporation
119 Qatar Marianne Joyce Milana Primary Health Care Corporation
120 USA Ira Goldman Lantheus Medical Imaging
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