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Made-in-Canada method of producing life-saving radioisotopes receives Health Canada approval

A made-in-Canada approach to producing the world’s most commonly used medical isotope has received Health Canada approval, ushering in a new era for patients in Canada and around the world who rely on these isotopes for critical diagnostic procedures.

A Canadian consortium, which includes the University of British Columbia, BC Cancer and TRIUMF, is the first in the world to obtain regulatory approval for this approach, allowing for the production of technetium-99m (Tc-99m) for clinical use in Canada using small particle accelerators known as cyclotrons.


These workhorse medical isotopes are used in tens of millions of cardiac tests, cancer scans, and other diagnostic nuclear medical procedures around the world each year. However, global disruptions in reactor-based supply chains and isotope shortages have become a growing concern for medical professionals and patients.


Over a decade in the making, this landmark development—led by Dr. François Bénard and Dr. Paul Schaffer—helps secure a domestic supply of the isotope for Canadian patients.


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Source: UBC News


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