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Zambia turns to Russia for nuclear options

Zambia’s quest to broaden its energy mix is inching closer to reality following the September 24 first ever Joint Co-ordination Committee meeting with Russia under an intergovernmental agreement to explore peaceful uses of nuclear energy.


Zambia’s Secretary for Education Ms Kayula Siame and First Deputy Director-General of Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom, Mr Kirill Komarov agreed to collaborate on the matter.


CNST National Co-ordinator Reuben Katebe said, “The use of radiation for food preservation will improve food safety and create conditions for the increase of Zambian agricultural exports. We hope that our information helped many farmers to understand all the benefits that the centre can bring to them.


The radioisotopes produced here will be used to diagnose and treat primarily cancer and cardiac diseases. This centre will increase availability of high-tech nuclear medicine for Zambia’s population,” he said.


Former Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo, who is a virologist and microbiologist, said nuclear science would have manifold medical advantages.


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Source: The Southern Times