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US Nuclear Partners MIFTI/MIFTEC Revolutionizing Cancer & Heart Disease Imaging & Cancer Radiation Treatment

The creation and production of radioisotopes requires massive quantities of neutrons. Today’s radioisotopes are made in the few reactors around the world, some of which are ageing and need replacement. The unforeseen shut-down of a couple of aged reactors last decade resulted in global shortage of radioisotopes. Although currently the security of supply of medical radioisotopes has been ensured through collective efforts from the reactor community, the need for copious neutron source is still there.


History was made that could change the world when US Nuclear (UCLE: OTC) partners MIFTI and MIFTEC demonstrated their historic Fusion Energy breakthrough at the University of Nevada, Reno National Terawatt Facility where they repeatedly created over 10 billion neutrons per pulse on a 1 Million Ampere Staged Z-Pinch machine using low-cost isotope of hydrogen from common seawater as fuel. A product of common seawater, this fuel that powers US Nuclear partners MIFTI/MIFTEC is not only as abundant as all the oceans combined, but ONE GALLON OF SEAWATER PRODUCES THE SAME AMOUNT OF ENERGY AS 300 GALLONS OF GASOLINE.


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Source: Seeking Alpha