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Announcement of Selected Trainees for 2018 IAEA-WCI-KAERI Training Program

We are delighted to announce the selection of trainees for the 2018 IAEA-WCI-KAERI Training course to be held from Oct 22-Nov 1, 2018. 

We have received a total of 67 applicants and 8 people were selected as follows:


   -      Maria Cecilia  Maneiro from Argentine

-      Mohammad Anwar-Ul Azim from Bangladesh 

-      Neneng Elly Rosilawati from Indonesia

-      Siti Selina Binti Abdul Hamid from Malaysia

-      Pawel Krzysztof Halik from Poland

-      Aiboud Abdelmjid from Morocco

-      Martin VLK from Slovakia

-      Sukanya Yaset from Thailand


Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you in Korea. 


We thank all applicants for their interests in this opportunity. For those who were not selected this time, we hope to have the opportunity to meet you at the next training program in the near future.​