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Call for Articles for WCI Newsletter

WCI Monthly Newsletter

Call for Articles


The WCI Secretariat provides its Monthly Newsletter to about 1,600 subscribers worldwide. WCI monthly newsletter is a communication channel for the dissemination of information among members and other interested parties in the field of isotope and radiation related technologies. For more and better information on isotopes production and application, the WCI Secretariat is cordially inviting your valuable contributions. 


1. Contents 

WCI Monthly Newsletter covers the followings and contributions are welcome for any of the following topics: 

  • Lead article: National policies, R&D outcomes, views of experts, current issues, innovative technologies in the field of radiation and radioisotopes 

  • Conference report: Report on relevant conferences 

  • Future Conferences: Any events (conferences/seminars/workshops) related to the field of radiation and radioisotopes 

* Presenting events through the WCI Newsletter allows wider audiences to be informed, thereby potentially increasing participation. 

  • Isotope-related news: latest news related to the radiation and radioisotopes 

  • My biz on isotopes: topics that demonstrate the cross-cutting and interdisciplinary technologies of WCI member organizations (Please refer to the previous edition (2016 Vol. 5 Issue 2) for more details) 

* This column is an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of an organization and explore business opportunities with other WCI members. 



2. Requirements 

The article provider should be a member of the WCI. (To join us, please visit www.wci-ici.org and sign up online. There is no membership fee.) The writer should be a professional working in the field of isotope production or the application of isotopes or radiation. 


3. Format 

All articles should be written in English. The length of article should be within 4 pages (A4, Verdana with 10 font size and 1.5 line spacing). Images may be included. 

 All submissions meeting the above requirements should be submitted to secretary@wci-ici.org   


4. Deadline 

Articles received by the WCI Secretariat via email before the 25th of the month will be considered for the upcoming newsletter. 


5. Others 

The WCI Publication Committee Chair will review articles for possible inclusion in the newsletter. Articles might be edited according to our own format. The WCI Secretariat will make payment for your lead article. It costs KRW 100,000 per page in A4 size (equal to US$85-95)