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A Survey to Publish the “World Radioisotope Business Directory” for Technology Transfers among the WCI Members

Dear WCI member,


The WCI really hope that you, your family, and your business members are in good health under the COVID-19 pandemic.


The WCI would like to publish the “ World Radioisotope Business Directory” to facilitate technology transfers among the radioisotope entities within the WCI members. The Directory will include details of WCI members such as your names, nationalities, addresses, business fields, service and technology transfer areas.


This Directory will be uploaded on the WCI website(www.wci-ici.org) for sharing available information to help expedite technology transfers among the WCI members later. Accordingly, we will implement a strict policy to only allow its members to access this directory through access restrictions.


Therefore, the WCI cordially invites every WCI member(individual and organization) to complete the survey table and to submit survey entries to the WCI secretary(secretary@wci-ici.org) no later than November 30, 2020.


Please see the attached survey format on “ World Radioisotope Business Directory” for your kind review and consideration.


The Directory will help share the information on the peaceful uses of isotope technologies and promote technology transfers for and to businesses among the WCI members. This is expected to help your business to expand the technology transfer in a professional manner.


Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation and assistance in this undertaking.


Sincerely yours,

WCI Secretariat