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KAERI-WCI-IAEA e-Learning Course on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharceuticals Application from 30 November to 18 December 2020 (3weeks)

We are pleased to announce that the KAERI-WCI-IAEA e-Learning Course on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes and Radiopharceuticals Application will be held as follows:

Date: from 30 November to 18 December 2020 ( for 3 weeks)

Type of learning: e-learning

Objective of this e-learning course: to strengthen then transfer crucial knowledge and practical skills to technical professionals in the radiopharmaceutical field

Qualification and experiences for participants: 

- Proficient in English with good listening comprehension and communication skills

- The applicants should be employed by governmental authorities, organizations, medical or R&D institutes, or regulatory bodies involved in the radiopharmaceutical field. However, medical technologists who operate radiological instruments are excluded from participation

- Possess at least a scientific or technical bachelor’s degree

Deadline to submit the applications: no later than 10 October 2020 to the International Atomic Energy Agency, P.O. Box, A-1400 Vienna Austria

Nominations for the training course should be submitted to the IAEA online through the Technical Cooperation Department’s In Touch system (http://intouch.iaea.org). Should this not be possible, nominations may be submitted on the standard IAEA Nomination form for training courses (available on the IAEA website: http://www.iaea.org/). Completed forms should be endorsed by relevant national authorities and returned to the Agency through the official channels, i.e., the designated National Liaison Office for IAEA Matters.




The organizers do not accept liability for the payment of any cost or compensation that may arise from damage or loss of personal property, illness, injury, disability, or death of a participant while travelling to and from, or when attending, the course. It is clearly understood that each organization, in nominating the participants, undertakes the responsibility for such coverage.

There will be a selection of excellent graders who may have a chance to go to Korea for one week Technical Visit to see the diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotope and radiopharmaceuticals applications. All costs (e.g., flight ticket, stipend, accommodation, etc.) will be supported.

For more information, please see the attachment-the Prospectus of this training programme.